Transnational Project Meeting in Paris

Thanks to the team from the University of Paris-Saclay we were able to organize a transnational project meeting in Paris on October 19th 2021 as a hybride event. Unfortunately, partners from the University of Zaragoza were only able to attend virtually due to the ongoing Corona restrictions. To better get to know each other, we started with a joint dinner on the evening of Oct 18th in a great French reseaturant.

For the one-day project meeting on the next day, we had a full agenda covering many different topics such as:

  • Reflecting on the intellectual output (IO1) – the blueprint for the virtual patient collection
  • Discussing the progress of creating the multilingual virtual patients (IO2)
  • Providing an outlook to the integration guideline and the pilot implementations (IO3 and 4) to make sure we plan these well ahead
  • Brainstorming about research ideas and studies
  • Discussing our dissemination activities and planning for the upcoming year
  • Visiting the simulation center of the medical school

In addition we organized two parallel workshops on (1) Project management tasks and on (2) the development of concept maps, which are part of our virtual patients for visualizing the clinical reasoning process.

After an inspirinng day, we enjoyed some drinks, snacks and talks together and concluded the day with a guided tour of the campus and hospital area provided by our French hosts.

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