Virtual Multiplier Event

The first iCoViP Multiplier Event was hosted by the University Paris-Saclay as part of the Erasmus+ Days on Oct 15th 2021. It was a three hour virtual meeting with inspiring presentations and discussions.

First, Prof. Dan Benhamou provided a great introduction into clinical reasoning and diagnostic errors. His presentation was followed by a lively discussion about the situation of clinical reasoning teaching in different European countries and medical schools.
Dr. Luc Morin gave the second presentation on virtual patients and simulations, which was highly appreciated by the audience. He also demonstrated how we planned and are creating the virtual patients in the CASUS system for the iCoViP project as part of the intellectual outputs 1 and 2. He included first-hand experiences and gave practical tips on how to design virtual patients. Dr. Morin also reported about the status of our virtual patient collection in terms of diversity, including for example patients with different sexual orientations, patient with migration background, or patients with disabilities.

Prof. Olivier Lambotte, vice dean, concluded the event with a presentation about the medical school program at the University of Paris-Saclay. He outlined the structure of the program and potential integration scenarios for the iCoViP virtual patients.

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