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Defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “subjects studied in a school, college etc, and what each subject includes.” It is also “Formal educational content, structure, and processes developed to enable students to perform at a competent level for a given stage of training” [Rencic 2015].

In the context of this guideline we mean by the curriculum all planned educational activities that taken together form the entire health professions training programme and are expected to be known and followed by students and their teachers. Curricula are disseminated to the stakeholders in various forms e.g. syllabi, course descriptions or curriculum maps.

Rencic JJ, Trowbridge RL, Durning SJ. Developing a curriculum in clinical reasoning. In: Trowbridge RL, Rencic JJ, Durning SJ (eds). Teaching clinical reasoning. Philadelphia: American College of Physicians; 2015.

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