Kick-off of the Integration Guideline Development

by Joanna Fąferek, Jagiellonian University Medical College

In January 2022 we have started the implementation of the Intellectual Output (IO) 3 – creation of a Virtual Patients (VP) Integration guidelines for educators and curriculum developers. The coordinating partner for this IO is Jagiellonian University Medical College (JUMC).

In our first team meeting in 2022, JUMC representatives Andrzej Kononowicz and Joanna Fąferek presented an overview of aims and planned actions for this process.

Main aim of created guidelines and best practices will be to supporting educators, curriculum developers, and medical schools in general in adopting the VP collection into existing medical curricula. For example, this guideline will cover blended and online learning scenarios, but also highlight the potential use as an e-assessment tool.

An emphasis will also be put on how to use the VPs without corresponding face-to-face teaching to enable high-quality and interactive teaching in situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The guideline will provide different examples for different curricula and settings based on the partners and associate partners experiences.

A special focus will be put on innovative integration scenarios and methods, such as so-called virtual patient panels or adaptive learning scenarios and how to interpret learners’ performance data (learning analytics). This guideline will not only support partners in integrating VPs into their curriculum but also be a valuable source for educators outside of our consortium to adopt the VP collection in a didactically meaningful way and/or reflect on their current integration strategy.

If necessary, the guideline will be updated and extended based on our experiences with the pilot implementations in IO4.

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