Piloting the virtual patients

As the summer terms start across medical schools in Europe, we also kick-off the pilot testing of selected virtual patients (VPs). At the moment, we are focusing on collecting data within our partner institutions, but pilot testing will be extended to medical schools of our associate partners and other stakeholders. For the evaluation of our pilots we developed / adapted three different questionnaires. With these we can evaluate individual virtual patients, VP collections, and the integration of the VPs into existing teaching activities. In addition, we will analyze the (anonymous) session data of our participants (so-called learning analytics). For example, we can assess diagnostic accuracy, cognitive errors, and the clinical reasoning process, with findings, differential diagnoses, tests, and treatment options documented within these sessions.

We are piloting over 50 of our virtual patients in different languages and varying integration settings. For example, one partner provides five courses key symptom- based courses for abdominal pain / fatigue, vomiting / diarrhea, fever / cough, chest pain / dyspena, and syncope / headache. Each course includes about 10 virtual patients and is offered for medical students in year 3.

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